Personal Training.

At Shaping U Fit-24, our goal is to not only help you reach your goals, but to give our members the best fitness training education and assistance to make sure you not only make it to your fitness goals but you also maintain the results you get from your efforts.

You might need the extra motivation, instruction and accountability, our personal trainers will work with you on customizing a meal plan that will fit you, you will get cardio and strength training programs that will strengthen, shape and tone your body…based around your personal fitness level. Other benefits will be you noticing clothes fitting better and you having much more energy!

Results come faster and you will achieve them in the safest, most-effective way possible.

Ready to take the first step? Let’s schedule you a Complimentary assessment & nutrition consultation! Do this by either asking one of our Shaping U Fit 24 staff or simply Call or Text Brad Pugh (NCPT) at 205-586-0662.